Maven Laser Automation company is a creative manufacturer of laser machines, focusing on jewelry lasermarking and cutting machine, vewelry laser welding machine, fiber laser welding machine and lasercleaning machine.LocatedinShenzhen,China.Founded in 2008.
Maven Laser start its business from laser marking machine. Following the rapid growth of laserapplication, we have been deeply bearing ourselves in jewelry laser industry and industrial laser weldingindustry.
We will do our best to focusing on customers’ needs, continuously optimize product performance, andcontribute our efforts to China Intelligent Manufacturing.
Focusing & Creative, we are on the way!

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    2008, Found In 2008
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    50+, More Than 50 Employees
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    1000+, More Than 1000 Customers
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    100+, Obtained Over 100 Patents



  • Industrial Cobot Laser Cleaning Machine

    Industrial Cobot Laser Cleaning ...

    Mobility —Compact design, easy to transport —Only a simple power outlet is required(230V/16A/1 Phase) Applications —Spot Welding —Seam Welding —Deposition Welding —Micro Welding Sectors Moldmaking Jobshop Medical Aerospace Electronics Automotive Others Choice maven is the true when you requireprecise welding in high speed and precision with narrow HAZ (Heat Affected Zone). Mobile laser welding system Manually adjustable acrobatic arm for positioning Motorized X-Y-Z axes operation controlled v...

  • Industrial Cobot Laser Cleaning Machine

    Industrial Cobot Laser Cleaning ...

    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Average laser power:≥1000W Power instability:<5% Laser Working Mode:Pulse Pulse width:10-500ns Maximum monopulse energy:15mj,50mj Power regulation rang(%):0-100(Gradient Adjustable) Repeat frequency(kHz):1-3000(Gradient Adjustable) Fiber length:10m Cooling mode:Water coolig

  • Precision Mold Repair Mold Laser Welding Machine

    Precision Mold Repair Mold Laser...

    Item Parameter Name Data Laser Source Parameter MAX OUTPUT POWER 1000W/1500W/2000W TOTAL POWER 4KW LASER WAVELENGTH 1080nm MAXIMUM LASER PULSE ENERGY 70J/50ms PULSE WIDTH 1-50ms PULSE FREQUENCY 1-100HZ Welding Function SPOT ADJUSTMENT 0.1-3.0mm SPOT SIZE 0.2mm-3mm LENSE SIZE F150mm WELDING THICKNESS 0.1-1.2mm FOCUS LOCATIONING Microscope(CCD also can be add) Control System LASER SOURCE UPSIDE MOVE LENGTH 300mm SOURCE MOVE DIRECTION 360D Degree LASER HORIZONTA...


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  • industry laser equipment

    The mechanism and suppression scheme of laser welding spatter formation

    Definition of Splash Defect: Splash in welding refers to the molten metal droplets ejected from the molten pool during the welding process. These droplets may fall on the surrounding working surface, causing roughness and unevenness on the surface, and may also cause loss of molten pool quality, ...

  • Rorbot laser welding

    Introduction to High Power Laser Arc Hybrid Welding

    Laser arc hybrid welding is a laser welding method that combines laser beam and arc for welding. The combination of laser beam and arc fully demonstrates the significant improvement in welding speed, penetration depth and process stability. Since the late 1980s, the continuous development of high...

  • Robotic Welding System - Galvanometer Welding Head

    Robotic Welding System – Galvanometer Welding Head

    The collimating focusing head uses a mechanical device as a supporting platform, and moves back and forth through the mechanical device to achieve welding of welds with different trajectories. The welding accuracy depends on the accuracy of the actuator, so there are problems such as low accuracy...