Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine with Metal Paint Oil Removal Cleaner

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Laser cleaning machine is a kind of environmental protection and efficient use of laser surface pollutants of new technology, compared with the traditional cleaning method is more efficient, can realize accurate positioning cleaning, cleaning cleanliness is higher, non-contact cleaning will not damage the parts of the substrate; Maven launched a new generation of backpack laser cleaning machine, can effectively solve the existing technology laser cleaning machine cleaning process is not convenient to carry the problem.

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Machine Parameter

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Item Surface Focal length(mm) Efficiency(mm²/s) Base Material Damage
Cast Iron Severe corrosion (0.08mm) >35mm 3500 No
Carbon steel Mild corrosion (0.05mm) >40mm 3000 >35mm
Stainless steel Oil, slight corrosion >50mm 3200 >35mm
Mould steel gear Mild oily with scrap iron >45mm 4200 >35mm
Aluminum Oxide / surface spotting >35mm 3600 >35mm
Stoving varnish White stoving varnish(0.1mm) >20mm 3500 >35mm
Product name Mini Backpack Laser Rust Removal Cleaning Machine
Fiber length Standard 5 m or specify
Focal length 20-50 mm
Cleaning energy 1.1 mJ
Laser Type Fiber Laser
Laser Source Brand JPT/Raycus/MAX/IPG
Wavelength 100+/-10 nm
Max speed range 1500-3000 mm/s
Advantage Clean surface, No damage basement
Turn on/off time 20 Us
Laser power 50W/100W

Our Advantages

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Product Advantages

1.Meet the commonly used laser connectors in the market (QCS,QBH).

2.The laser gun is 650 grams, and it is not tired to hold for a long time.

3.There are five optional focusing mirrors, 100/160/210/254/330, which are suitable for various cleaning Scenarios, such as straight line, circle, spiral, rectangle, square, circle filling, rectangular filling, etc. Corresponding scanning graphics canbe added according to customer needs.

4.Can be hand-held and can be installed on automation equipment.

5.Air knife and vacuum device can better protect the focusing lens and working environment.

6.Safety lock to prevent laser emission caused by misoperation, laser switch, stable performance, Fast response, shock resistance, vibration resistance, long life.


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