Portable Air Cooling Soldador Laser Machine

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Special cooling solution, air-cooled design, reduce energy consumption, to ensure stable and long time out of light. Air-cooled welding, ergonomic design, simple operation, lasting work is not easy to fatigue. Super mini model laser welding machine, light size, air transportable.Cooling effect is not inferior to water-cooled handheld laser welding machine.

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Product Name

Air Cooling Hand-held Fiber Laser Welding Machine


1080+/-10 nm

Laser power


Power adjustment


Laser spot diameter

QCS 3±0.5/RFL-QCS 5.5±0.5

Fiber length

Standard 15m or specify

Working methods

CW/ Pulse mode

Speed range

0~120 mm

Weld thickness

0.5-6 mm

Power supply


Chilling methods

Air Cooling

Machine size

490*540*240 mm

Net weight

40 KG


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Laser Head

Handheld light Laser Welding head, only with 800g weight, which makes operator work more longer time per day. There have double protective lens, and the Temperature Sensor inside the laser head, which give the biggest protection.

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Safety Clip

There have the black safety clip on the side of the laser head. The operator must fix the clip on the metal materials, then the machine could normal working. This is the protection for the operator, which give the more safe working environment.

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Auto Wire Feeder

Our wire feeding system support max 3.0mm diameter metal wire, and with the double motor inside the machine case, which give the more stable support for the machine working.

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Light Weight

Small machine dimension, light weight,has the wheel on the machine, easy to move. Air cooling, no need the water chiller, therefore also no need to worry the freeze in winter. Give the customer better using experience feelings.

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Product packaging

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