Portable Handheld Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Short Description:

Handheld laser welding machine is a kind of equipment can be portable operation, the same is accurate welding equipment, but can be self-responsive, flexible and suitable for a variety of environmental applications, for some production of supplementary operations and packaging management, in suitable for a variety of different types of environment, can be conveniently applied, there is a higher professional standards and reliability of the characteristics.

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Product Description

Handheld laser welding machine professional production goals, has a high standard of professional industry advantages, while ensuring the welding of accurate goals to ensure the process, but also to achieve functional and practical humane design

Machine Size:
Length 456 mm
width 887 mm
Height 718 mm
1.The cabinet is small and exquisite2. With silky smooth pulley

3. White cabinet With flip-top cover

Handheld laser welding machine features and advantages:

handheld laser welding machine welding gun instead of the traditional fixed optical path, more flexible and convenient to achieve long-distance laser welding, to overcome the limitations of the table travel space;

handheld welding head is lightweight and flexible, easy to operate, to meet a variety of angles, a variety of positions of the welding, can be completed on the workpiece arbitrary parts of the arbitrary point of view of the welding, sensitive and convenient, can complete outdoor welding, suitable for a variety of messy welds, spot welding of various devices.

Handheld welding head is equipped with 10 meters of imported optical fiber, flexible and convenient to achieve outdoor welding. Can achieve any angle welding on the workpiece, dual optical path intelligent switching, time-sharing light energy distribution uniform.

Handheld laser welding machine adopts infrared positioning, which is used for welding head position calibration and position verification when welding, the welding position is more accurate to ensure a more beautiful weld.

Low maintenance cost:Handheld laser welding, no fine welding table, low material, low energy consumption, low equipment deployment and maintenance costs. In the same working environment, we need to spend a lot of time to maintain the welding table, while the manual laser setup and equipment deployment can work as long as it is equipped with handheld laser welding. As for the exchange, the cost of accessories is low.


Type Argon arc welding Solid YAG Laser Handheld Welding


Welding quality

Heat input Big Small Small

Workpiece deformation/edge gnawing

Big Small Small
  Weld seam forming fish scale pattern fish scale pattern Smooth
  Follow-up treatment Need to polish Need to polish None
Use Operation Welding speed Slow Medium Fast
  Difficulty of operation Big Small Small
Environmental Safety Personal hazard Big Small Small
  Environmental pollution Big Small Small
Usage Cost Consumables Welding rod Laser crystals, xenon lamps None
  Energy consumption Small Big Small
Floor space Small Big Small


Model No.


Product Name

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine


1080+/-10 nm

Laser power


Power adjustment


Laser spot diameter

QCS 3±0.5/RFL-QCS 5.5±0.5

Fiber length

Standard 15m or specify

Working methods

CW/ Pulse mode

Speed range


Weld thickness


Power supply


Chilling methods

Water chilled inbuilt

Machine size

456*887*718 mm

Net weight

180 KG

New System Update


Water Flow Alarm, Laser source alarm, High Temperature alarm, Laser Pause, Low Temperature Alarm ,any problem of laser will vision in system, it will easy for you to find the problem directly

  1. source status is most helpful to your safety, when you use the machine, if you do not clip the safety of the ground clip, the system will be a red indicator to prevent safety accidents at work
  1. The new IO system, comprehensive monitoring of the state of the machine, when your machine which part of the problem, it will light up the red light, in order to quickly detect the problem, but also is a powerful help after-sales protection
  1. 8 groups of storage parameters function, super memory function, save your parameters, if you need to batch weld your workpiece, this function can let you restart the machine when you quickly get into working condition

The system directly controls the wire feeder out of the wire, convenient and fast, the wire feeder does not have another system connection, one key out of the wire, can control both out and in


The system directly controls the water, water control system and cabinet integrated control system, for the water system is no longer separate control, timing tips, when your water control system problems, you can be the first to know

Update the protective lens function, when using the machine, when the protective lens is damaged, it will make the internal parts of the machine easy to damage, our new protective lens function alarm will greatly reduce your after-sales costs


Handheld laser welding machine applications

Mainly for large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinets, chassis, aluminum alloy doors and windows frame, stainless steel washbasin and other large workpiece fixed position such as internal right angle, external right angle, plane welding seam welding, welding heat affected area is small, small deformation, and welding depth, welding solid. Widely used in kitchen industry, home appliance industry, advertising industry, mold industry, stainless steel products industry, stainless steel engineering industry, doors and windows industry, crafts industry, home furnishing industry, furniture industry, auto parts industry, etc.


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