Yag Spot Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

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MLA-W-A01 features are gold silver welding without painting, Maximum 230W Max energy is 140J, High resolution 10X microscope, it can reduce energy loss by 50%, it includes High resolution vision CCD with 7 inch screen and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

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Yag Laser Jewelry Laser Welding Machine


Gold and silver repair welding without painting

Maximum 230W,90Joule

50% energy saving

High resolution vision CCD,7inches

24 hours contentiously working

Good safety: with high-speed electronic light filter protection device to protect the operator's eyes from laser damage, relieve the operator's eye fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Strong anti-interference ability: the use of advanced new technology micro industrial control computer, instead of the full functionality of ordinary computers, its operability and stability to a higher level, and keep pace with the times.

High stability: the use of double closed-loop precision control, to ensure that the energy of each welding point is uniform and consistent.

Simple and convenient operation: with a large screen high-definition CCD vision, the English interface parameter settings are simple to understand, can save multiple parameters to facilitate continuous work.

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Laser spot welder is mainly use in jewelry and dental industry or other hardware field. This kind of machine can process all metallic material, which used for making jewelries such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium,K-Gold,Stainless steel, and their alloys. It is mainly used for manufacturing and repairing jewelries, as well as precisely welding a variety of micro and heat- sensitive parts, just like nickel straps of batteries, hairsprings, watch components, down-leads of chips.

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Product Advantages

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Overall CCD jewelry laser welding machine

1. Focus cross adjust part

2. Focus spot adjust part

3. Preset laser welding parameters. Including gold, silver, steel, titanium and custom.

4. Status reference bar

5. Power, pulse width and frequency adjust part

6. Setting

Spot size adjustment

User-friendly adjustment settings, ranging from -3.0mm to 3mm.

Spot size at minus direction, it is more suitable for leveling post treatment welding and thin gold and silver sheet laser repairing welding.

While at plus direction, more suitable for deep spot laser welding

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Focus cross line adjust center

Position of focus cross line can be easily adjusted through this part

Preset parameter and adjusting

Prest laser welding paramter is our suggest one, including K-Gold/Pt/Ti, silver, steel, copper and custom.

Laser power: 0.1%~100%

Pulse width: 0.1ms~20ms

Frequency: 1Hz~50Hz

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Patent beam path

Patent beam path and whole machine stucture design make Mavenlaser company's jewellery laser welding machine outstanding and perfect, neither on performance or in size.

Laser welding chamber

1. Air nozzle

2. Emergency button

3. High quality yellow lighter

4. High quality White lighter

5. Spot manual correct motor wheel

6. Joystick

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Power (%)

Pulse width(ms)







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Product name Jewelry laser welding machine
Laser source Nd: YAG 1064nm
Model No. MLA-W-A01
Max laser power 230W
Frequency range 1~50Hz
Pulse width range 1~20ms
Spot size range -3mm~3mm
Power impulse and time 140J @20ms
Aiming positioning CCD, 10X microscope
Positioning accuracy +/-0.02mm
Input voltage 220V 50/60Hz 30A
Machine size 790*390*1090mm

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